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Jesse Johnson

McWah and Bell-Tone Pickups

Jesse Johnson: Guitarist, Song Writer, Producer, Grammy Winner (The Time, Jesse Johnson’s Revue, D’Angelo, Chaka Khan, Mick Jagger, Stevie Wonder, etc.)

A note from Jesse:

I discovered the McWah through word of mouth from other players and knew I needed to own one. It’s one of the best sounding and definitely the best built wah, you’ll ever buy. It’s so incredible sounding and so incredibly musical, it will make you want to play it and compose with it! The McWah has a very wide tonal sweep that allows it to work well with all your pickups. Honestly, it sounds like Jimi’s wah on the “Hendrix In the West” record. It’s a wah built for real amplifiers, pickups, in the way its sounds very vintage.

To say this Wah is hand built, is an understatement. This wah is built so well, that I wish the housing was clear so one could eyeball all the love that went into building & designing it. I didn’t hiss at the price, because I’ve had to buy stock wahs and change most of the components (jacks, pots, on/off switches, etc.) anyway. The McWah does that already. Salute!

Michael is also a wonderful human being that puts a ton of pride in his designs, whether it be a wah, pickups, or whatever. The cat is mad about his work and so am I, so we jelled pretty good. I now own 3 of his wah pedals, 3 sets of pickups, and the rest is history.

Thanks again Michael for making me great stuff to keep me making better sounds.


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