'Bell-Tone' Pickups - Set of 3

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The "Bell-Tone" pickup set was created in order to replicate the tone, feel, and look of early 50's and 60's pickups (1959-1963). We use only period correct materials, and source quality magnets and brass eyelets for the bobbins and their final assembly. Each pickup is hand assembled. We hammer the brass eyelets into the flatware stock, sand the flatware and then press the individual pole-pieces into the flat-work; each stage requiring precise measurement, and assembly technique. They are then glued in place and cured before being wound and tested. If they pass our range of tests (pressure, trueness, stagger, and hardness) they are then wound, measured, hand-charged and potted. When vacuum potting the pickups - we use a mixture of both paraffin and beeswax to gain the properties of both types of wax. (Good coil saturation and durability.)

  • 100%"Scatter-Wound" (guided by hand)
  • Period-Correct Bobbin Black Flatware
  • Your choice of pickup cover colors
  • Period-Correct Cloth Push-Back Wiring
  • Period-Correct Staggered Alnico V Pole Pieces
  • Period-Correct Polarity (which differs depending on the era)
  • Your choice of magnet to bobbin orientation
    • Left Handed (Strum with your left hand)
    • Right Handed (Strum with your right hand)
    • Jimi Style (Magnet orientation is flipped)
  • Hand Charged Pole Pieces
    • We will charge them in the polarity and strength (gauss) of your choice
  • Wax-Potted to protect your pickups from moisture & corrosion that forms from years of use.
    • This also helps mitigate micro-phonic feedback in high gain situations
  • These pickups were formerly known/branded as "McTone" Pickups ~2005-2008.
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