CTS 'Premium Series' McCon-O-Pot (II Gen) Wah Potentiometer

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** Update 12/3/2020: More pots have been ordered from the manufacturer, and should be available early next year once they arrive from CTS. Thanks for your continued patience, and support. **

Conventional wah pots are not calibrated for many of today's circuits! Many “boutique” manufacturers either ripped off the old ICAR design, or copied it exactly only to put a new name on it and resell it as their own. (This is NOT an ICAR tapered pot.)

The MCP-II is a culmination of efforts: we worked directly with CTS to design a better performing, more reliable potentiometer for all of us. This new design has 133.3 times the cycle life as the MCP-I and also features tighter torque actuation. It requires NO cleaning, and is moisture/water resistant rated.

The CTS 'Premium Series' McCon-O-Pot II Gen features:

  • ROHS
  • 100K Impedance
  • 2% Precision Linearity
  • 2 Million cycle-life rating
  • Robust 'sealed' construction
  • Water Resistant Rated (IP54, IP67)
  • Wide Temperature Range of operation
  • It is a wonderful (easy) upgrade for any wah
  • It has an additional pronounced “middle area” (rotation/feel)
  • It is a “drop-in” replacement for almost every vintage, or new wah available today.
  • It has a smoother top end in order to control those nasally treble sounds that are very hard to combat by way of a custom, one of a kind taper.
  • Pre-installed with an American-Made (heavy-duty) gear, 2 (heavy-duty) Zinc Washers, 1 lock washer, and a chrome plated nut

An unexpected (and entirely independent) comparison of the McCon-O-Pot against a few competing types was conducted by a keen eBayer (and engineer) named Phillip Perkmann. He provided the following graphical representation, to allow others to see it "in action" scientifically speaking. **Note the travel/sweep symmetry -- and the intentional elongating of the high-end resistance taper. This is what gives you a more pronounced middle area, and feel while playing.**

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